Get out the VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I guess I am an Iowa Dyke for about one more week and a half now. I am hear to help get out the vote with Iowa Citizen's Action Network. I am from Indiana, but my employer Hoosier Environmental Council put out the call and here I am. Please somebody, anybody tell a grrl what there is to do and where there is to go in Davenport or in the area. This is one bored dyke...

A sign from "god"??

Ok.. so my city (Sioux City Iowa) had a "Keep marriage sacred" concert/speech thing sunday night. The stadium was almost filled up.. (which means its close to 10,000 people that were there) and only a grand total of 18 protesters. Sad huh? OK... so thats the sad part about it...
OK.. So As the priest guy was giving his conclusion statement... HE FELL OFF THE STAGE! hahahaha. How funny is that.. Talk about a sign. What a dumb-ass. Unfortunately he was ok.. he just got a minor cut on his foot. He will go on touring still. UGH!
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Helping Animals 101

Trey and I are attending the animal rights conference Helping Animals 101 in Kansas City, MO, Oct 9-10th. It's only $35 (for students) and that includes 16 hours of training/lectures and 4 yummy vegan meals. Hopefully I can meet some other activists who live near central Iowa..

Remember, in the USA over 1,000,000 animals are killed every HOUR for food :(

(no subject)

For anyone who likes Ani (and is near sioux city iowa).. She will be performing at the Sioux City orpheum on September 25. Tickets went on sale 07-30 at 10:30 am. If you would like to go i suggest getting a ticket soon. You can go to the tyson event center box office.. or to any ticketmaster or Tickets are only like 30 bucks.
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All alone on the River....

I might as well be from Iowa. I live 3 minutes from Sabula Iowa. And 25 minutes from Clinton Iowa. And had I known it would suck as bad as it does. I never would have moved here.

Let's see about me.... My name is Cortney. I'm 23. I'm a BBW Femme. And I live on the mighty MIssissippi River in Savanna Illinois. I try to make it to Davenport as much as possible. But, That doesn't always happen.

I guess that's all. I just thought I'd intorduce myself. Since I have been like afly on the wall here for a bit.
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